Innovative marketing opportunities through the mobile age

Mobile communications and applications in the mobile sector have become more and more important in recent years. Additionality to the pure communication the smart phone gives it's users the ability to support them in different situations of the daily life. Thanks to its mobility it offers the user the possibility to inform himself about products and prices from anywhere. But it is also used more and more as instrument for shopping. In the last years the consumer behaviour has changed. One possibility is to use the PC to go for shopping into the Web, but today this is done increased with a smart phone. There is a huge market, which needs to be developed newly at this point. Due to this development brand new marketing opportunities open up that reach the user directly.
Beautiful woman shopping

Target your customers

At this point, we are at the MoMa WV. We develop mobile solutions that consumers use every day, allowing you by this way, to reach them directly with contextual advertising in the application.

MoMa WV - mobile applications in the textile sector

MoMa WV focused on developing applications in the textile environment. Therefore, we have entered into a collaboration with GINETEX (The international association for textile care labeling). We developed an App that informs the consumer about the current care labeling of textiles. So it takes daily use when dealing with textile products. Thus you reach the consumer through this mobile application directly at the "Point of Sale". With banner advertising in the application that leads the consumer specifically to other products, you reach an optimal end customers group.

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