Care symbols-App with banner ad

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GINETEX Association offers to its members and textile manufacturers an Android App for distribution to their customers. Each member respectively each manufacturer has the option of switching on this App an advertising campaign in the form of banner ads.
Care Label QR-Code generator
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Some informations about the app's features

1.The app offers customers the ability to display and explain the care symbols according to ISO 3758. The symbols can be found on the care labels of textile products. The app's user interface as well as the explanation texts appear in the language the end user has set in his smart phone. Currently "German", "English" and "French" are supported. English is used by default.

2.In the future, this information will be packaged into a QR code for machine processing (washer, laundry ...). Using the phone's camera, the end customer can take a photo of this code. Afterwards the app is able to decrypt the information and shows the contained care information.

Example for the coding of care symbols:
Coding example

The scan process

Usually you can find the QR code with the encoded care symbols on the label of a textile product. After it has been captured using the smart phone's camera, the detailed care information is displayed as a result.
Scan process
Scan result
Alternatively, the app can also scan appropriately labeled NFC textile labels, as the following short video shows: