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The business model

By offering the "Care symbols" app GINETEX gives you the opportunity to advertise with banner ads for your business. Special about this form of advertising as opposed to the standard banner ads are the following points:

1.It is not about changing banner ads, but your banner is "burned" like a "product branding" into the app.

2.A direct reference to a product is made with the app, because the end user is located at the "point of sale". I.e.: you will receive a QR code for the app installation. The code may be given to the end user on the package at the checkout when buying a company's product. It may also be placed in the shop-window, printed in a magazine or in a catalogue. After installing the app the end user uses it to find out the care instructions during wash. He comes across your linked banners and other company products that invite him to buy.

3.The app may be installed any number of times. There are no more costs besides the lump sum, which has to be paid for the duration the advertising is switched.

The advertising can be programmed from a given date for the term of 6 or 12 months. A URL for the banner can be defined. It is called if the end user clicks the banner on his smart phone. Thus, the advertiser has the ability to link to a freely predefined website.

The Prices

1. Android and iPhone app

Six months €119
One year €209

2. QR code generator

This is initially used for generating care symbols (including the Clevercare logo) and fibre labelling. It can be upgraded to include “Made in…” and size labelling.

Individual €75
Complete package €249 (comprehensive banner advertising for one year, including QR code generator)

The prices are exclusive of VAT.